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Ego and The Physical

Why is Ego so scary?

Ego is scary because it is portrayed as negative. Ego is seen as arrogant as opposed to confident. It can be considered manipulative as opposed to guiding. Often mistaken for competitive as opposed to ambitious. It is a matter of perception. Like the spiritual, Ego does not know the meaning of “good” nor “bad”.

There are certain feelings that can be considered egotistical.

For example, sometimes you dress up and feel really good about your appearance. You might even go over to your friend’s house to receive compliments before going to a party together. To some, you could come of as displaying egotistical behavior. However, this could also be seen as someone whose self-confidence grew while their insecurity diminished.

When your Ego is driving, you sometimes feel pleasure in your actions and this can bring on feelings of shame and guilt. A healthy amount of love for yourself is always beneficial and does not need to be perceived as selfish.

People often confuse Ego with Extreme Ego. Anything that is extreme, be it spiritual or Ego-based is unhealthy.

Arrogant teacher
filled with tough lessons
Life is our school
class is in session

Here from the start
where it all began
Teaching us all
your master plan

Intentions from you
are misunderstood
bringing some worries
yet outcomes are good

– Mytika

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