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How can Extreme Ego be identified?

You can identify Extreme Ego by taking a moment to see if your body feels heavy. Emotionally, you can identify Extreme Ego if you are currently feeling a loss of control.

Extreme Ego is attracted to feelings of guilt, doubt, depression, anger and just about any variation of negative energy. Once present, Extreme Ego can prevent you from connecting with your True Self usually by introducing doubt. Doubt can alter your manifestations and bring negative outcomes. This can then cause you to feel resigned to failure.

Once Extreme Ego is attached to you, it often lingers and your life can feel like you are slowly moving through sticky dense tar. This stagnant feeling is quite difficult to shake. You can prevent Extreme Ego by evaluating situations and choosing positive perceptions, while discarding negative ones. Extreme Ego is aware that everyone has the knowledge of truth from within, unless they begin to doubt.

Searching for answers

not knowing the questions.

Not having feelings,

or showing expressions.

With boulders for legs,

sore feet made of rocks.

My heart concrete walls

with a mighty lock.

Today I will rise,

since I have no fear.

Tomorrow is now,

I focus to hear.

– Mytika

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