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Does True Self cause mood swings?

When your True Self and your physical character are not balanced, this can lead to mood swings.

The reason for this is that your True Self feels one way about something while your physical character thinks that it wants something different. This can lead to being at war within yourself. Such an imbalance can be seen in the form of mood swings.

For instance, Mei has worked at a marketing company for four years. On her anniversary, she meets with her boss and receives a wonderful performance review. She is told that they want to promote her to a Director position and have her take over a department. The only catch is that they want her to first fire the team that she’s worked with and consolidate the departments. Mei really wants the extra salary that comes with the new role and it would look great on her overall professional resume. However, she’s fond of her current team and considers some of them to be friends. She feels like some of her success is a direct result of their contributions over the years. Zhang, one of her current team members asks her if she wants to join him for lunch and she snaps at him, seemingly for no reason. This mood swing may be the result of her inner turmoil between the way she feels and what she wants.

The inner conflicts that create mood swings can feel quite overwhelming. After identifying my mood and discovering my conflict I make a conscious effort to choose whichever one creates less guilt.

– Mytika

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