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Does True Self ever reveal itself?

True Self is revealed through feelings. Anything that is done to induce feelings in another, is an act of True Self.

It can be seen in the smile of a stranger, the tear in a child’s eye, or in the disappointed look of a loved one. When words are not used, True Self is what makes us aware of our emotional state.

True Self is also responsible for the connections we build with one another. By becoming more aware and attentive of other people, you can connect with their vibration. This allows you to meet someone and instinctively connect or repel from them. Armed with this knowledge, you can decide if you wish to continue interacting with them.

For example, Ana is at a shopping mall when she’s approached by a stranger who asks her what the time is. Ana has an alarming feeling in her stomach as she tells the stranger that it’s 3:23pm. The stranger keeps talking to her but her gut tells her that something’s wrong. She interrupts the stranger and tells him that she needs to meet up with some friends. As she puts distance between her and the stranger, she starts feeling better.

Since Ana was connected with True Self, she was able to sense the stranger’s energy and cater her response accordingly.

Simultaneous response to my question

Instant expression to what I feel

Inhale Exhale

Aware of my pain

Content with my gain

Exhale Inhale

We stand in solidarity

One hand washes the next

At ease

I open my eyes and see the sunlight

Self love for life


– Mytika

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