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How does True Self communicate?

How does True Self communicate?

True Self communicates by guiding you with feelings.

Your mind serves as a filter between your soul (True Self) and your brain (character).

As your brain sends logic to your mind, your soul sends feelings. The result can be described as your emotional state.

How does True Self communicate?

Your mind, when operating in a balanced state between logic and feeling, has the the ability to move past logic blocks in the brain. This allows it to do the unexplainable such as levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, etc…

I close off my ears
tune into my mind
close all of my fears
as you whisper inside

observe my heart
your presence now known
overwhelming part
your existence is shown

shut eyes fill with tears
loving voice from within
I can finally hear
you come out for a spin

– Mytika

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