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Does everyone have a True Self?

Yes, everyone has a True Self.

People know that they have a conscience but often choose to ignore it. When a situation comes up, logic usually takes over. Most people allow this to dictate their appropriate response. This leaves little room for the conscience to be heard.

For example, Tobias finds out that a group of his friends want to go to a concert. The tickets are expensive but it should be fun so he commits to join them. On the day of the concert, Tobias has a bad feeling about going out. Logic kicks in and he decides he has to go because he doesn’t want to lose the ticket money nor disappoint his friends. At the concert, a rowdy group of people get in a fight with one of his friends and Tobias is injured along with a few other people. While getting stitches, he thinks to himself, “I should have stayed home today…”

Remember that even though you may not be aware of your True Self, this doesn’t mean that it’s not always there trying to guide you to your best path.

My mind says yes

But my heart says no

Afraid to disappoint you

I disappoint myself

I put your perception

Ahead of my own

Pleasing your character

Ignoring my True Self

– Mytika

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