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Perceptions, Distractions and Symbols

Are perceptions real?

Perceptions are real to the individual but can be changed.

The amount of energy that you use on building a perception is the exact amount used to change it.

For example, Keisha pulls into her driveway after a long day of work. After taking off her seat belt, she catches a glimpse of her neighbor Sandra next door. Keisha notices that Sandra seems to be having a passionate phone conversation with tears rolling down her face. Now concerned, she rushes over to comfort her crying and distraught neighbor. As she gets closer, she’s surprised to see that her neighbor has actually been laughing hysterically. Keisha, now relieved, has quickly shifted her perception. She walks to her front door contemplating how strange it is that both laughter and crying look so similar from a distance.

Perceptions are guided by memories,
they may be real to you, yet not to me.
The visions you capture within your eyes,
are all carried with you through space and time.
The image I see is different from yours,
my vision was formed by what I endured.
We try to convince all to see the same,
without uniqueness life would be a shame.

– Mytika

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