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Perceptions, Distractions and Symbols

How are symbols most frequently given?

Symbols are vibrational in nature and have specific meanings for each person. They respond to individual emotional needs and come from a vibrational source. Symbols can be found in just about anything. 

Symbols often come through music. The combination of rhythm and lyrics can easily affect the listener’s emotional energy.

Here are a few symbols that are used on this site and their meanings

Shown above is the symbol for infinite balance. It demonstrates the relationship between dark and light energy, fusing them both at the center. The endless loop represents infinite non-stagnant energy.

The symbol for infinite balance has within it, the symbol for the Gray (fused energy). The illustration above shows how light and dark dissolve into a mutual gray. This space is where light and dark energies can merge and provide options.

The above symbols show the different links within dimensions.

4D – a square downward ladder shows a path towards dark.  

3D – a square upward ladder shows the climb towards light.

2D – hooks can be seen with both light and dark, interweaving spiritual with physical reality.

1D – fused magnetic energy, combining the all that is.

The symbol for oneness above, represents the completion of a soul’s karmic debts and the release of physical attachments. Once all lessons are passed, the soul has the ability to break the cycle of reincarnation.

Karma is symbolized above, by a never-ending loop with arrows in opposite directions. This serves as a reminder that karmic lessons come back around. 

The symbol for attachment can be seen as an anchor with the ability to dig deep into the physical. It has two arrows pointing upwards that indicate a desire for detachment. The cross in the center is a symbol of positive energy, while the circle on top of the cross indicates a desire for completion.

Symbols are hiding everywhere
You notice them here
obtaining them there

Like soothing music in your ear
You sense their presence
before they appear

Each with their own unique design
following your heart

expanding your mind

These gifts for you have been foreseen
unwrapped in knowing
what they truly mean

– Mytika

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