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Karma, Reincarnation and Extensions

What are the seven anchors?

The seven anchors are karmic debts, physical possessions, dread, responsibility, vengeance, regret, and logic. Each can be seen as a different attachment.

Karmic Debts
Karmic debts occur when you feel guilty about something you did. You can resolve them by exposing and accepting the root of your guilty feelings.

Physical Possessions
Many lessons in life deal with the loss and gain of physical possessions or relationships. These can lead you to develop possessive feelings over the physical. Once that occurs, it’s very common to develop attachments. In order to resolve this, you have to realize that you are in control. An improved version might just come in a different form that is more suitable to an improved version of yourself.

Dread is a fear of the unknown. You feel it as anxiety mixed with a loss of control. When losing touch with True Self, you start to question where you will end up. This questioning can become extreme and results in fear. Fear creates attachments. This can be resolved by consciously replacing your feeling of anxiety with excitement (same energy), and loss of control with gaining control (same energy).

When you are not connected to your True Self, you may feel a lack of self-worth. Some people try to compensate for this by taking on responsibilities. The feeling of being responsible for people, work, pets, etc… leads to attachments. To fix this, you need to realize that your responsibilities are self-assigned.

At times, you may feel that someone wronged you. This can create an attachment based on revenge. You can overcome this by recognizing that every situation is a lesson. By seeing the real reason behind why it occurred, you can forgive them for the role that they played and dissolve the attachment in the process.

Sometimes, there are things that you want to experience but die before you get a chance. The disappointment can create an attachment. To prevent this from happening, learn to make your wishes a priority regardless of the views or availability of others. Don’t allow your wishes to be contingent on some requirement that may or may not be in your path. For example, if you have a strong desire to drive a race car, save a little money and find a track in your city that allows you to rent a race car for some laps.

For people who are very logical, physical life is the only reality. If you are unable to see another reality, without concrete proof, you can develop an attachment. This is often experienced by those who are over-analytical and leave no room for possibilities. You can dissolve this attachment by seeking your True Self. When you feel the connection, you’ll know there are things logic can’t explain.

Locked in place
wrapped up in chains
this circumstance
hard to explain

Regret is here
falling like rain
let it revere
liberate the pain

Revenge at hand
runs through my veins
dissolve my thoughts
and ease my brain

Fear overtakes
in unknown plains
will be okay
as nerves now drain

Assets behind
will not be vain
my heart now clear
that is my gain

What have I done
to cause this sprain
remove my guilt
go with the grain

“Must Do” now gone
in a freight train
revolving list
is now sustained

Surprised to see
no more constraints
Happy and free
release obtained

– Mytika

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