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Do societies experience lessons together?

Societies do experience lessons together.

For example, If news outlets start broadcasting information about a threat in the world that can be perceived as scary by most, fear can be created. This collective fear can quickly turn into a large scale global manifestation. From this manifestation, lessons such as economic deficits, wars, and other unfortunate global events can be created.

Individuals have different perspectives and often allow their differences to separate them. If society were to unite with a common goal, that goal can materialize. Society can decide if they want a collective goal that is positive or negative.

If the information presented to people had a focus on miracles, the resulting global manifestation would be a world full of miracles.

Over seven billion people, conceived in this world

With distinctive thoughts, and rules that are hurled

We look for the contrast, between you and I

Blinded by sharing, no such thing as my

We feel the same way, all chase our desires

If you get to yours, mine will not expire

Let us focus our gifts, towards all of our issues

When you shed a tear, I will give you a tissue

With heads held up high, we entwine our hands

As we create miracles, some may not understand

– Mytika

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