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Does anyone reach a point of being satisfied with life?

Some people do reach a point of satisfaction with their life. What constitutes satisfaction is unique to the individual. It is not dependent on how much a person aims for. Some want to be rich while others would be happy with food and shelter. Many people reach their goals only to be unsatisfied while seeking further goals.

There are people who are grateful and content with whatever they get. There are those who are not picky with what they eat as long as their stomachs are full. Some do not care what people think about their clothes, so they choose to wear anything that they like. In fact, there are people who do not care about anyone else’s opinion at all. This is not a matter of disrespect but rather acknowledging that others have different opinions that they personally do not need to adopt. A key component to being content is to not feel the need to live up to the expectations of other people. The ones that truly feel this way can feel incredibly satisfied and free.

The way one handles information is another indicator of their ability to be satisfied in life. If a person hears world events or tragedies that do not immediately affect their personal experience, they may think that the circumstances are sad. The majority would dwell on it, hate it, talk to everyone about it, and just generally let it affect them to a large degree. Those who are satisfied with life tend to either completely let negative news go and move on with their life or they will do something to fix the problem. At the end of the day, it is all about self-preservation. Satisfied people know what they need to remain content.

Wandering through life,
searching for action.
Fulfilling cravings,
gain satisfaction.

No need for people
to sit by my side,
with different views
that rarely coincide.

Seek answers myself,
with soul as my guide.
Content with my life,
I could sleep satisfied.

– Mytika


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