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Can people derail lessons for one another?

At times, a person may see another going through a lesson. With good intentions, they might try to help them and resolve the issue for them. 

By doing this, they are not allowing the person to experience or benefit from their lesson. The consequence is that the lesson will keep repeating until the individual reaches a solution on their own.

For example, Deborah is always resolving financial issues for her son. This results in her son becoming incapable of being independent. Independence may be crucial to getting her son through a rough place at some point in his life. Unaware of the lesson, Deborah feels compelled to solve issues for him, which ensures that the lesson repeats. She looks at him like he’s stagnant and keeps needing to be bailed out. She doesn’t realize that the next stage of his life is on hold until he passes this lesson, and the role she’s inadvertently playing in delaying his progress.

Being grateful to my toughest critics may be confusing to some people in my life. Some of my biggest lessons have come from the people whom I feel have hurt me the most. During the lesson I feel angry and even betrayed by some of their actions, but once I overcome my obstacles, I see things more clearly. I realize that all of the hurts and falls I have encountered have given me an immunity towards victimizing myself. Instead I have experienced a metamorphosis and have grown into a resilient and strong willed person. These people may or may not have targeted me personally, yet they have helped in the shaping and molding of myself. Those that cradled my emotions, I truly appreciate as well since they led by example in how I choose to see and treat society as a whole.

– Mytika

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