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What is the purpose of different dimensions?

Different dimensions provide you with infinite options for living life.

Have you ever looked at someone and admired something about them? Perhaps it was their confidence or maybe the way they decorated their home. When interacting with someone, you find things that you either admire or dislike. Sometimes you may choose to adopt what you admire. If you then take action to either become or obtain what you wish, you are moving into a dimension where it is a normal part of your life.

For example, Liam is a 23 years old who is driving to a nearby city to sign a one year lease for a rental apartment. On the way there he spots a friend of his from high school riding her bike. He waves at Emma and she waves back asking him to stop for a moment. Liam gets out of his car and sits on the curb with Emma. The two catch up on the latest happenings in each other’s lives. Emma is very excited about having just purchased her first house. Liam had no idea that this was even possible at such a young age. His parents were 35 before they bought their first home. After talking with Emma, he realizes that this is a possibility for him and that there are ways that he could qualify for a home loan. He decides to take a few days to look into it, instead of rushing to sign the lease. Liam has now entered a dimension where house ownership at a young age is possible.

Dimensions that never cross cannot directly affect one another. If you ever feel that you have exhausted every possibility, interacting with people in their dimensions can provide more ideas and inspiration. By repeating this process, people eventually find their perfection. When your definition of perfection evolves, there are infinite dimensions waiting for you to explore.

Like a frequency wave
or sounds through a radio
Dimensions are ways
of living scenarios

Every time we allow
our imagination to wonder
Forming options around
so make sure you first ponder

Create a new dimension
then walk in with some hope
moving towards ascension
stepping off the tight rope

– Mytika

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