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What are physical dimensions?

Physical dimensions are lifetimes that are simultaneously occurring in different areas of time and space.

There are an infinite amount of dimensions that represent every possibility for your life.

For example, if you hear the doorbell ring, in that millisecond you choose who you’ll find at the door from a vast number of possibilities. Each of those possibilities is a dimension. The person that you find when you open your door is dictated by your emotional state. If you’re waiting for a package, you might find a delivery person at the door. If you woke up nervous that your dog’s barking might disturb the neighbors, you might just find a neighbor waiting to talk to you. Have you ever thought about someone right before they called you on the phone? Did you think that it was your psychic abilities or perhaps a coincidence? It was you determining which dimension you were entering, as you have done for every moment of your existence.

Depending on your emotional state, you decide which dimension you wish to experience. These decisions are made constantly but are usually on a subconscious level.

Some dimensions may have experiences that you consider to be positive, while others may have negative situations.

Our dimensions may cross
as we stand unaware
We have entered a space
in a time that is rare
Choices are infinite
and our time so precise
To escape to a world
we keep hidden inside

– Mytika

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