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How do I make time go faster or slower?

Time is a perception that is specific to the individual. As such, one can slow it down or speed it up as desired.

To slow down time, you will need to change your energy into a slower and more calm energy. One way to do this is to reduce your overall excitement level. Take a deep breath and try to calm yourself. Try to do things at a slower pace. The more boring your experience is, the longer it takes.

For example, Kason has been looking forward to his girlfriend Shauna returning from college for the weekend. After picking up Shauna from the airport, the two excitedly tell each other about the things happening in their life. Kason looks at his phone and discovers that three hours have already passed since Shauna arrived, but he would have sworn it was only one hour. Kason wants to slow down time so that he can spend more time with Shauna before she has to leave. He takes a deep breath and changes the music on the radio to a station that plays slow songs. They continue talking but their excitement level has reduced and, as intended, time passes much slower. Kason has successfully slowed down his perception of time to the point that he feels like a week has passed, although Shauna has only been in town for two days.

To make time go faster, you need to increase your excitement level. If you are doing something that you don’t like, sing a song in your head or play more exciting music (think mission impossible theme song). Find some way to stay upbeat so you can change your energy to a more rapid one. Rapid energy makes time go faster.

For example, Gus is sitting in history class but he doesn’t like learning about Manifest Destiny. He sees the whole topic as boring. When he looks at the clock, he notices that the second hand is taking forever between ticks and it appears that his class will not end. Gus decides to consciously make time go faster. He considers some options. Maybe he should think about what he’s doing after school. That would work. Maybe he should draw some pictures in his notebook. That would work as well. Gus finally decides to actually pay attention to the teacher. He follows the story closely and thinks about what it would be if those historical characters lived in modern times. Gus looks up and realizes that class is almost over. Time has passed really quickly because Gus forced himself to become interested in the subject. Thanks to his decision, he also learned the class material really well as a side-effect.

Time is a great perception,
useful to form conceptions

Unfolded with every tick,
here and gone in just a blink

A purpose so undefined,
yet controlled by a trained mind

Consistent and so endless,
stressing it can be senseless

Formless space to the unknown,
dance with grace to guide your flow

Stand in place when I feel good,
swiftly leave where you once stood

– Mytika


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