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How do you move between dimensions?

You are not moving between dimensions, they are already formed and are inside of you. You are just choosing which one to experience.

Your feelings dictate which dimension you are currently experiencing. If you are feeling angry, then you are experiencing an angry dimension. If you are having an orgasm, you are experiencing oneness. Your feelings bring the dimension to you.

If you are in a room feeling angry when some people who are cheerful come in, you would have to choose to hold onto that anger. Otherwise, you would let it go and bring out a cheerful dimension for you to experience.

Life is a creation from inside of you. Since the dimensions are inside of you, you choose which one to experience through your feelings and project them outwardly so that you can then observe / experience the result.

Here is how dimensions play a part in the human body.

0D – This is a place of oneness so there is no such thing as a body.

1D – This is where your bones form as lines to cover your soul with a protective physical layer (Ego).

2D – This is where you start developing an image but it looks like a cartoon. Not quite solid but more like plasma.

3D – This is where you have skin and is the dimension people would consider normal life.

The body is
another form.
A jumbled mind

can create storms.
Lost consciousness

is uniformed.
Do everything

to fit the norm.

The world at large

is just a test.
Compete with all

to be the best.
An urge to sleep

but feel unrest.
A heavy rock

beats in your chest.

The life you live

is by design.
Produce your own

start with a line.
Bring forth your hopes

make them all shine.
Unclench your hands

you are divine.

The road to joy

main destination.
To have a blast

focused intention.
If you are sad

make a correction.
Adjust your path

change your dimension.

– Mytika


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