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How do I know if I have met my True Self or Ego?

When one has met their True Self, they get a sense of warm security. It feels like filling in a void and finding something that one has always looked for. This is often accompanied by a flutter, like fast butterfly wings, in the chest. Often times people feel lighter and a sensation of rising up inside (like being pulled upwards) when they have met True Self.

When one has met their Ego, they feel a sense of being heavier and weighed down (like being pushed downwards).

Both True Self and Ego are necessary for experiencing life. Through their push/pull energy relationship, they prevent someone from becoming pure energy or purely physical. Instead, existence, as inhabitants of Earth know it, lies in varying locations between the two; perfectly combining the spiritual and the physical for achieving stability. An individual’s feelings and perceptions determine which side they are closer to in their present experience of reality.

what goes up
must come down
even clowns
can have frowns

find True Self
in your eyes
try to shed
Ego’s disguise

– Mytika

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