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Perceptions, Distractions and Symbols

Is distraction a choice?

Random opportunities for distraction occur, but distractions can be consciously or subconsciously chosen.

Conscious distractions are only allowed to affect your life if they are invited.  

For example, Kelly is a new parent that finds herself having a hard time functioning. Her baby has a habit of waking up throughout the night which prevents Kelly from getting the sleep she needs. She decides to fix the problem by hiring a babysitter to take care of the baby’s needs at night. Finally having a moment to herself, Kelly chooses to check her e-mail before going to sleep. While she’s on the computer, she becomes engrossed with browsing the Internet and misses her opportunity to rest.

In this case, Kelly made a choice to distract herself rather than staying focused on getting rest.

Subconsciously, you can create distractions to block a connection with your True Self.

For example, Kristen enjoys helping other people resolve their issues. In her circle, everyone knows that if you have a problem you call Kristen for help. Consciously, Kristen is not aware of the reason behind her actions. Subconsciously, she is creating distractions through others so that she can ignore looking at and tackling her own problems.

Distractions I choose
while focus I loose
lacks motivation
Always a hindrance
with interference
Must find attention
to gain my intention

– Mytika


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  • Currently – in this world we don’t make choices, because choices are already made for us. I’m talking this on my views in Social Media’s. Most of the time we know they cause distraction, and they destroy us Spiritually and Mentally! We’re programmed, and sometimes it is difficult for a robot to make choices..

    • Thank you for sharing your perspective. I can see where you are coming from. To me, we always have the choice to put the electronic device away. It may be difficult for some to do but some choices can be difficult.

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