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Why do negative stereotypes exist?

Negative stereotypes are learned because of personal experiences or societal influences. When people have something negative happen to them, many will automatically try to explain the situation as being the result of something that is different about the other person from themselves. In order to protect them, their Ego will then create a stereotype to reduce the odds that the same situation will repeat.

The danger in this is that stereotypes are not true. Yes, there are some people in every type of society that will try to bring negativity to you. Yes, there are some people in every type of society that will bring positivity to you. Can you say that you are exactly like everyone else that looks like you or was raised where you were raised? This is especially evident to those who travel to other countries and can actually see how different individuals are. Every type of person exists in every type of culture.

Then why does the stereotype keep proving itself to be true? Once you’ve set an expectation, you are subconsciously manifesting that expectation for all future encounters. This means that only the people who match your expectation will come into your life. You will not encounter the other ones that behave differently. As such you will assume the stereotype to be true.

Life is about balance. You will experience things that are positive and things that are negative. One cannot exist without the other. If you want to live your best life, try to compartmentalize the negative experiences and try to refrain from using terms like “all”. Instead you can use terms like “some”. This will set your expectations in a way that will lead you to more positive experiences.

If the problem is with skin color, try to think of the skin as just a coat that our soul wears. This is more true than you can probably imagine. Nobody chooses their skin color. What is important is that the same way you can feel fear, everyone can feel fear. The same way that you can feel pride, everyone can feel pride. The same way that you can love, everyone can love. The soul is what is important. The reality is that we all represent different sides of God.

Stuck in a metal box,
inhabiting your mind.
Always secure the lock,
forgetting me inside

I struggle to come out,
try to reveal myself.
Frustration makes me shout,
“You judge within yourself”

A look of pure dismay,
I notice on your face.
As you choose to engage,
with what I have to say

Forget what I have learned,
so sorry I attacked.
As ignorance I earned,
and fear chose to attach

Forgiveness is now yours,
since you have set me free.
Open your mind to all,
with new eyes that can see.

– Mytika

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