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What is the meaning of the 11:11 prompts?

The 11:11 prompt is a spiritual awareness symbol. If you are seeing it regularly, it means get ready for your spiritual mission to begin. It’s like a loudspeaker for all the light workers regardless of their ray.

The more you see the prompt, the more connected to it you become. After a while, you won’t see it. In fact, you’ll probably miss it and keep looking for it. The reason it disappears is because you graduate from it to other prompts. Be careful to not get stuck looking for the 11:11 prompt or you could miss the new ones. Enjoy it while it’s there.

If you stop looking for the prompt and it repeatedly starts prompting you again, then you may have multiple spiritual missions and you are beginning your next one. For instance, if you are supposed to bring world peace, and you succeed, you may then be prompted with 11:11 to signify that your next mission of curing world hunger is about to begin.

As sequence now follow
wherever I go
what once felt so hollow
fills up with a glow

Adventures are lurking
essence in the air
your mystery working
pursuit made aware

Eleven Eleven
I see everywhere
step closer to heaven
a mystical pair

Awaiting my purpose
and ready to start
my world was a circus
I was led to part

– Mytika


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    • That’s wonderful to hear. I’m sure you will have a wonderful journey ahead of you Teira. Wherever it leads you, I wish you fair winds and following seas. Kia ora.

  • I always say open & listen to inner wisdom!!
    The signs are special to each of us as individuals and it is our work to learn their meaning for ourselves! 💕
    At the most generic they are a sign that our awareness is growing and we are on the right path! ✌💜

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