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Perceptions, Distractions and Symbols

What role do Ego and True Self play in distractions?

In order to teach you lessons, Ego uses distractions as a form of temptation.

Ego distracts you by providing an ever-increasing supply of physical improvements and wants. It presents possibilities that can keep you stuck constantly chasing after the next upgrade.

For example, Mike and Diane plan to retire and pursue their passion for traveling once they have saved $500,000. As they reach retirement age, they realize that their cost of living has increased. Their new vehicle purchase has been a bigger expense. Gas prices have gone up. Their cell phones now need a more expensive data plan and the phones themselves require monthly payments to purchase. The online sites and apps that they’ve become accustomed to come with more recurring monthly charges. Some new restaurants have opened near them and serve amazing food at a price. All these factors and many more make Mike and Diane feel like they need more money in order to maintain a lifestyle they like. They choose to postpone their retirement.

Many people fall into this Ego-based distraction. By the time they retire, their age may prevent them from truly enjoying their passions. For those that see through the temptations and focus on their actual happiness, Ego may choose to reward them for overcoming this lesson.

True Self uses symbols as distractions in order to communicate and connect with you. These symbols are placed in your life to spark subconscious feelings when you need them.

For example, Maëlle gets a job offer to work on a tour boat. Her passion is talking about marine life so even the thought of this job gives her an excited feeling. The only problem is that switching to this job would bring a pay cut. While driving to the marina to meet with the captain, Maëlle still doesn’t know if she’s going to accept the job or not. She sees someone walking on the side of the road with headphones on. A few minutes later, out of the blue she feels compelled to turn on the radio. The song that’s playing is about the importance of choosing happiness over obligation. Maëlle thinks about how this applies to her decision. Her mind drifts to conversations with her father about his regret over not being a farmer. At that moment, she decides to accept the job when the captain offers it.

The feelings induced by the song serve as a symbol from True Self as way to guide Maëlle towards the decision that would bring her towards happiness.

A breath away

A reason to sway

A goal at bay

A block in the way

A refusal to stay

A game I must play

A thought that turns gray

A driven Blue jay

A trivial delay

An intent for today

– Mytika

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