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Perceptions, Distractions and Symbols

What are symbols?

Symbols are subliminal messages that attract the attention of your subconscious mind. This is done to guide you towards reaching your true happiness.

Once you consciously recognize a symbol, it becomes more frequently noticed.

For example, Linnea wakes up in the middle of the night and notices that her clock says it is 2:32am. Tired, she closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. The next day, she leaves her home in the afternoon to meet up with some friends. While walking she passes a restaurant with a sign offering a bottle of their house wine for 232 SEK. Something about that strikes her as odd but she quickly dismisses it and continues her walk. Linnea looks ahead and sees her friends sitting outside at the cafe and waves at them. Curious if she’s late, she looks down at her cell phone and sees that the time is 2:32pm. Realizing she’s two minutes late, she adds an extra pep to her step and joins her friends for some pancakes. After lunch, her group decides to take a boat ride from the harbor. There are two boats leaving at the same time and Linnea points to the one she thinks they should take, boat 232. While laughing with her friends at the hilarious commentary by the boat’s captain, Linnea catches the eye of Stefan.

In this example, the 232 was a symbol from True Self. It was used to subconsciously guide Linnea towards happiness by steering her towards her future husband Stefan.

Message sent from up above
Fly to me like a swift dove
Hear your whisper in the wind
Close my eyes so you can sing

– Mytika

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