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What role does the yellow ray play in “Love and Light”?

The yellow ray is directly connected with Source and is the essence of “Love and Light”.

Every ray has a different role and the yellow ray is at the base of every ray. This is because each of the rays would not exist without light and they would not be drawn to their individual happiness without the ability to love. Each ray utilizes “Love and Light” in distinct gratifying ways.

For example, without the yellow ray, the green ray would not love connecting with vibrations. Without light the green ray could not exist.

Individual roles of each ray:

Purple Ray – Without the purple ray, people would not know how to learn.

Blue Ray – Without the blue ray, people would lack determination.

Green Ray – Without the green ray, people would not feel energy vibration.

Orange Ray – Without the orange ray, life would lack motivation.

Pink Ray – Without the pink ray, people would never feel unsure, preventing them from questioning and persevering.

Red Ray – Without the red ray, life would lack passion and excitement.

Yellow for me means love and light
I keep it close and hold it tight
I see it shine with rays so bright
Warming me up through dark cold nights
It fills me up taming my fight
Miraculously turns wrongs to rights
Opens my eyes and restores my sight
Filling my heart with pure delight

– Mytika

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