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What is “Love and Light” and “Hate and Dark”?

Divine love is made up of blinding light that is ignited by love. As such, it is known as “Love and Light”.

It is the main component of Source / God / Sun / Universe, etc… The energy felt by “Love and Light” can be described as a magnetic tunnel with the ability to attract and pull positive energy. This forces excess energy to defuse and expel.

Illustrated below is the magnetic path to “Love and Light”. The energy pull is stronger when reaching higher points. This is followed by a gradual drop, which serves to defuse excess energy in order to prevent extremes.

The excess energy converts into “Hate and Dark”.

When entering a “Hate and Dark” path, the defused energy expelled by “Love and Light”, becomes infused. This forces excess energy to become extreme at its high points. After becoming extreme, the excess energy turns negative. It is then defused and presented with the option of entering the “Love and Light” path again. This pattern keeps occurring until a specific energy is selected from a balanced point (Gray).

The illustration below represents the entrance to the dark path and the process by which diffused energy becomes infused. When presented with draining energy waves, infused energy becomes negative energy. This is felt as a forceful push towards the Gray.

They coincide, like the yin yang
Always return
, like a boomerang
Come back, with a dramatic crash
Each take a side, they rarely clash
Enormous emotions, both so conflicting
Make you want more, forever addicting

– Mytika

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