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Ego and The Physical

Is there any way to reward Ego?

Anything that removes fear and insecurity while providing comfort is a reward to Ego.

Your Ego appreciates when you take care of your physical needs. It wants you to make yourself a priority. It can be rewarded through self-respect, pride, self-admiration and anything that makes you feel safe and secure.

Here are some suggestions for rewarding your Ego:

Don’t wait for a vacation to unwind. Try pampering yourself at home when you feel tense.

Indulge in something and reward yourself every so often without feeling guilt.

If you’re the type to always put the needs of others before your own, take care of yourself as you would for another.

Sacrifice is self imposed,
removing guilt

leaves you exposed.

Selfishness leaves you alone,
wondering why
hearts turn to

Judgements come

out of the

Put yourself first
be true to

– Mytika

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