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Why am I jealous?

If you are jealous of someone you may subconsciously feel that you cannot obtain what they have. As a result this can make you angry that the other person gets whatever possession / person / etc… you wanted.

Jealousy occurs when you are insecure and lack love for yourself, this causes you to feel inferior.

If you are jealous of everything about a person, including the life that they have, you unknowingly feel weaker than them. It is your Ego feeling defeated that gives you those negative and angry emotions of jealousy. This brings forward a victim mentality and gets you to start asking “Why not me? I’m a good person. Why can’t I get it?” If you do not know that you can get it, then it will not come to you. You have to see it as possible.

Jealousy grows. Your feelings communicate your desires to the universe. It is then manifested into your physical life. If you are jealous of someone, the more you are around them, the more you will be provoked. The universe will then provide you with increasing reasons to be envious. For instance, If you are jealous of some girl who has the perfect boyfriend, the next day you will see the boyfriend giving her flowers. The more your jealousy grows, the more inferior you will feel. While this is happening, your life will feel stagnant.

If you were focused on your own life and what you are going to do with your own life, you would never be envious of anyone.

For example:
Jealous Statement: “Why does my friend get that good looking girl?”
Jealous Result: You keep feeling jealous and his girlfriend becomes more attractive in your eyes. You keep thinking about her and become bitter towards your friend.

Healthy Statement: “She’s beautiful, I wonder if she has a single friend? Maybe they can introduce me.”
Healthy Result: You meet a girl that you are attracted to and start dating her.

If you have a hard time obtaining something, it could also be that it is not actually in your best interest to obtain it. You might think it would be perfect for you but it may not be.

For example, Tyson is 30 years old and is hosting a get together with his friends. One of his friends Sam, shows up in a red Ferrari convertible. Tyson becomes jealous of Sam because he always wanted a sports car but he is still driving the car he had since college. Tyson tries to have a good time but he can’t seem to shake his jealousy. Later that evening, Sam asks Tyson if he wants to go for a drive. Tyson accepts. While driving around, Tyson notices that everyone is staring at them which makes him feel uneasy. Another car pulls up alongside them and starts revving their engine in order to race. Sam gets excited about it but Tyson is feeling uncomfortable with the situation. As they drive fast, Tyson starts feeling motion sickness from being so close to the asphalt since the car is low to the ground. They pull up to a coffee shop but it takes a while for them to park because Sam doesn’t want anyone to park next to him and risk dinging the Ferrari. By the time Tyson gets home, he realizes that perhaps he wouldn’t have been happy with the sports car. His car has been good to him and required almost no maintenance while getting great gas mileage. It wasn’t flashy but it was trouble free.

Perfect in every way
obtaining all you want,
your life a getaway
that you must love to flaunt

I’m sure by now you know
that you are a big deal,
as surely your pride shows
when all you do, they steal

Will give you tit for tat
so you know how it feels,
when you see copy cats
come running at my heels

I’ll start ignoring you
and everything you do,
like horses in a race
my blinders are in place

I focus on myself
and walk to my drum beat,
old goals come off my shelf
as I make them complete

In letting go of you
at last I can now see,
your life was just a view
to show me what could be

– Mytika

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