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How can I find my twin flame?

We are currently in a time period where many twin flames are meeting. This is because there were not many opportunities or aligned synchronicities that would have allowed this in the past. Your twin flame’s aura is all around until you meet and they are in front of you.

Finding your twin is not something you can really “look” for, you just have to be open to it, but be careful not to become too fixated on it. If all you can do is think about finding your twin flame, then they may repel from you if you are not ready yet. You can look into it and look out for it, but you must open yourself to receiving it.

How would someone open themselves to twin flame energy?

First, get to know yourself more. Then you have to develop a connection with your True Self. You have to know yourself, if not you could lose yourself in them. Their presence will be such a big presence in your life, since it is everything that you are not, that you could lose yourself to them and start becoming more like them and less like you. You have to know yourself very well so you can hold your own space.

Next, you have to love yourself and accept your spiritual and physical flaws. When you unite with a twin, there’s a good chance that you will be working together to balance. This process is to help each other deal with issues that are acting as blocks to your united spiritual growth. By loving and accepting yourself, you can acknowledge what you want to change and already be at peace with the things you are good with.

Twin flames can either absorb each other or repel from each other. Sometimes, there are people that you just cannot tolerate, without a good reason. You don’t know why they pluck your nerves so bad. That might be your twin. You may just be in the lifetime where you have to push each other, not walk together. Some people might say, “that’s not my twin flame, I dislike that person. I’m nothing like them.” If this is the case, you may want to look inward and evaluate why you dislike them to such an extent. Twins interact in different ways so your twin may not necessarily be your romantic interest. In some lives, they may need to play a different role. Regardless of their role, the underlying purpose has its roots in love for you.

Each twin flame experience is very, very, very unique because it is a different story. There are similarities between twin relationships but you can’t hear about one and think that it’s going to be 100% the same for you. You are a different person which means you see things and react to things differently. Someone’s good time can be a bad time for someone else. You can find similarities, but you cannot expect it to be identical. You have to create your own story.

Your mother made a gift for me
she lays in clouds with family
that left too soon
to light the moon
and live life with no gravity.

I take your tiny hand in mine
“no worries dear we’ll be just fine”
I’ll feed you truth
providing proof
and give you all you need to find.

My life is a kid’s fantasy
gramps makes my dreams realities
emitting hope
so I can cope
and fly to different galaxies.

I look at you and understand
our soul is one, a single strand
my love your cure
to keep you pure
and make our world a wonderland.

– Mytika


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