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Twin Flames & Divine Love

Are twin flames currently reuniting more?

Twin flames have been coming together for a very long time but, in the past, there was no name for it and they did not have technology like the internet as a tool to meet each other. Often, their reunion was confused with other terms such as soul mates.

For as long as you have heard terms such as “love at first sight”, there have been twin flames. In modern times, people have begun to talk about it more frequently. Even though people have become increasingly physically distant from each other, they have been communicating more than ever through social networks and other online means. This has allowed twins to meet with no geographical limitations, which increases their probability of connecting.

Watching the clock
tick every hour,
my heart becomes
a wilted flower.

Waiting for one
I do not know,
yet sense so deep
each day it grows.

I feel that I
may go insane,
with every thought
you own my brain.

I know some day
our eyes will meet,
till that day comes
I rock my seat.

– Mytika


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  • Thanks for a great article! I urge your audience to keep in mind a twin flame need not be a love interest. And that there is no guarantee we will meet a twin flame in any lifetime. I met a twin flame of mine and the connection was instant! But the relationship was brief and not meant to be this time around. A twin flame could simply be a friend, or a child, or an elderly person. They could be way older or younger than you. It’s a common misconception that a twin flame is always a love interest. Same as the term Soulmate. There is no guarantee that you will meet such a person in this lifetime, and no guarantee if you do meet, you are meant to be together. Happiness is found in only one place. Inside you! <3

    • Thanks for your feedback Pat! Glad you enjoyed it. We have covered these points in our other twin flame articles but definitely agree with what you are saying. ❤️

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