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What is a twin flame?

The term twin flame refers to a single soul that is split into two halves. These two halves can vary in form including incarnating as two individual people.

Twin flames are often opposites in terms of their personalities, preferences, and experiences leading up to their reunion. This is done intentionally so that they can learn to fully accept each other and in the process accept the all that is. At the point of complete acceptance with one another, their soul reaches a state of balance which allows them to feel pure and complete.

They can be seen as the yin-yang, two polar opposites bringing balance, while sharing a single purpose.

They can be heard when listening to a perfectly balanced duet, at the point in which alto and soprano synchronize.

Felt when visiting a beach, precisely as the ocean hits the sand; allowing wet and dry to interact.

They taste like dry wine on moist lips that are left with a dry after taste.

They smell like spring mist, when inhaling the moisture in a rose.

They require our senses.

– Mytika

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