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Energy Balance

What is energy balance?

Everything in existence is energy. Energy balance is a term that quantifies the invisible push / pull energetic connection between any two clusters of energy (people, things, ideas, goals, etc…).

In order to demonstrate this concept, the rest of this answer will be focused on the energy balance between two people (Person A and Person B). In the illustration below, Person A and Person B have no connection.

The connection between Person A and Person B is dictated by the percentage of energy that Person A directs towards Person B and the amount of energy that Person B directs towards Person A.

In a balanced relationship, Person A would give 50% and Person B would give 50% into their connection. In this situation, neither side is pushing or pulling. This is depicted in the illustration below.

In an unbalanced relationship, one person is pushing past the 50% mark which causes the other person to pull away.

If Person A is giving more energy (70%) to Person B, then Person B is only capable of giving (30%) back to the connection. The outcome would be as follows:

Person A feels like their relationship is not equal. This leads Person A to feel like they are not getting back what they put into the relationship.

Person B feels like Person A is too needy. Whenever someone chases after you, your subconscious instinct is to distance yourself from it.

If Person A eased off a little bit, balance could be achieved.

This same energy balance scenario can be applied to every connection between everything in life.

Boundaries are readjusted
when pushing through enforced limits
Hunters are rarely the hunted
knowing prey, will choose to pivot

Pulling too close, repels my stay
a tug of war, I want to break
Rejecting touch, I squirm away
smothering hug, that makes me ache

Balance within can make you new
take from yourself to give it back
That gift to me is meant for you
fulfill the void erase the lack

I give too much, end up with waste
to fill the cup, stay in your lane
Embrace yourself, give me a taste
giving should never cause a strain

– Mytika

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