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How does energy balance affect dating?

The connection between two people is at the heart of dating, and energy balance is at the heart of all connections.

Dating can usually be summarized in three scenarios:
1. You may really want to date someone but they are not interested.
2. Someone may really want to date you but you are not interested.
3. You want to date someone and they want to date you.

To understand energy balance is to pay attention to the word “really” used above. It denotes unbalanced energy that is Extreme.

Let’s examine each of the scenarios above.

1. You really want to date someone but they are not interested.

Do you have a crush on someone but they don’t seem to be into you? Are you losing sleep at night thinking about how wonderful life would be with that person? Do you stumble on your words when you try to talk to them? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, the problem lies in the energy balance. Your desire for the other person is overwhelming them and they are subconsciously pulling away from you. The illustration below depicts this.

If you want the person really bad, they will feel overwhelmed and see you as desperate. Their instinct will be to distance themselves from you. The most successful daters are confident and feel worthy. This allows them to approach people without feeling like their whole life depends on the result of the encounter. If you find yourself with strong feelings before being in a relationship, take a step back. Take a deep breath and realize that there are many people in the world and you will be presented with many options throughout your life. Try to calm yourself and think about what makes you valuable to another. In other words, know your worth. I’m not talking about money or cars or anything physical (though this is also known to give people confidence). I’m talking about your heart. Physical things come and go but your soul is far more precious. A solid relationship is a partnership between two souls (or one split soul in the case of twin flames).

If you’re wondering why someone you are interested is dating “him / her”, it’s because the person they are dating cares (but not that much). This makes that someone you are interested in energetically become the pursuer.

2. Someone may really want to date you but you are not interested.

Is someone pursuing you that gives you the creeps? Have you told someone “No” but they keep invading your space? Do you feel an uncomfortable pressure when someone is around you? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you are being pursued by an Extreme energy. It can be flattering that someone sees you as the object of their desires. Unfortunately, it can also be a little scary when their energy is so insistent. The illustration below depicts the energy balance involved.

It’s natural to feel the way you do when presented with this type of energy outpouring. Try to empathize with the person and realize that they are just being consumed by emotions towards you. In their head, at the moment, you are the answer to all of their life’s problems. This is something that almost all people feel at some point in their lives towards someone.

It would certainly be justified for you to put distance between you and them. Consider that whenever something chases, nature often causes the other thing to subconsciously want to run. Alternatively, you could also choose to be nice to them (not flirtatious) and talk with them in a platonic way. Receiving an increase in energy from you may cause them to relax. As they loosen up, the energy balance changes towards a more neutral (perhaps not totally balanced but manageable) energy as depicted below.

3. You want to date someone and they want to date you.

This is an ideal start to a relationship. The energy that you are giving towards them is balanced with the energy that they are giving towards you. If you’re looking for a conversation topic, try to establish what each other’s future happiness would be. That’s a great way to pinpoint any future problems that could cause you to grow in separate directions.

One final note. You can’t fool the spiritual. The way you feel will determine the energy balance. In other words, you can try to look calm and collected but the way you truly feel is what will determine the reactions of others. If you feel desperate, people can sense it in your energy field without even hearing or seeing you. They will then react accordingly.

Heart filled platter, straight from my chest
alluring soul, brings me unrest
give me your song, that never ends
my presence shown, is your offense

It takes my all, to give you space
relentless tears, stream down my face
a solemn world, this shallow place
with you now gone, I have no grace

I stay right here, leaving you there
you come to me, and say you care
my love for you, is real I swear
too much to give, enough to share

– Mytika

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