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Why does my partner keep cheating on me?

Whenever someone notices that they are having an issue that repeatedly occurs, it is a good idea for them to determine if they themselves have any negative expectations that could be working against them.

Whatever a person feels about something creates a vibration that is emitted to the universe. This then manifests as their physical reality. If someone has a negative expectation, that vibration has a very high chance of being what they later experience.

In the case of cheating, when someone gets cheated on the first time, they may feel like they were not enough for their partner. They believe that their partner needed more and sought this from someone else. This type of hurt can easily lead to an insecurity of not being enough. Insecurity then leads to a subconscious expectation that any future partners will cheat on them. The universe then manifests this for them.

For example, Mary was dating Scott for three years when she was in college. She was devastated when she found out that Scott had been cheating on her with someone in his Sociology class. Mary would spend hours thinking about what Scott’s new love interest had that she didn’t. Subconsciously, this led her to develop an insecurity. Eventually, by surrounding herself with supportive friends, Mary was able to move on and date other people. Unfortunately, all her future relationships ended with her partner cheating. Right before her 30th birthday, Mary decides to tackle her issue. Determining that it was caused by her insecurity with Scott’s cheating, she begins to look inwards for the solution. Mary soon realizes that the problem with Scott was not about anything that she was lacking. The problem was simply that Scott was looking for something else. It was not personal, they were just incompatible. Through this realization, Mary can drop her insecurity and negative dating expectations. This will allow her to experience relationships where cheating is not an issue.

When someone expects a healthy relationship, that energy will be drawn to them.

If not resolved, insecurity can easily lead people to become very jealous or controlling in their relationships until the core insecurity issue is faced and resolved.

the one I loved
my truest friend
the stable rock
mine till the end

my shinning star
deceived me now
has gone too far
I wonder how

no longer good
I stand alone
an emptiness
has reached my toes

it wasn’t you
must have been me
I was too blind
I could not see

all fault is mine
I’m not enough
I was too soft
I was too tough

the answers are
all stuck in time
I am not yours
you are not mine

– Mytika

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