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What is the uncertainty that I am feeling?

Many people have started feeling an uncertainty that is making them anxious at the moment. That uncertainty is a shift that is currently occurring and it happens every so often. Shifts are not something that are necessarily visible and obvious. They are more of a transition where one way of life transforms into a different one.

In the year 2000, there was a major shift. At the time, people were focused on Y2K and were under the impression that the computers were going to crash, which would lead to chaos. The real shift was that post-2000, the majority of people became co-dependent on technology such as hand held devices (mobile phones / tablets / etc…). While many people had cell phones before that point, the devices became a much bigger part of everyday life with the introduction of smart phone features such as apps, social media, and games. Technology became prevalent and ever present.

In the year 2012, we had another major shift. This time it was more of a social awareness change, such as a larger acceptance towards historically discriminated communities, a focus on anti-bullying, a rise in new age spirituality and overall unity. As for unity, there was a big divide in 2020 as the transition began again towards the next phase.

The next phase will be one of spiritual and mental growth. It’s more eye opening. People are going to be able to see through parts of life much easier. For example, they will be able to see people’s intentions very easily. Life, in general, will become much easier to navigate due to a heightened awareness. Some of these things will need to be forced during the transition, so more issues will arise but they will always be followed with the resolutions.

At the moment, there is a prevalent fear of the unknown. When people are uncertain, they often feel like something big is about to happen, which can cause anxiety. As the shift occurs, individuals can choose what it will mean for them personally. They can choose what is acceptable for them and start defining their own shift. This can be done by determining what they would like to see altered in their life. They can ask themselves questions like, “What am I not liking about my life right now? How can I change it?” In the process of making those adjustments, they can proactively define how they will be impacted, while experiencing the changes along with society.

A life can change,
before your eyes,
what you now love,
was once a sigh.

The world transforms,
from big to small,
jumps up and down,
a bouncing ball.

Evolving shifts,

preset by time,
the darkest hues
can learn to shine.

Embrace the new,
no need to hide,
learn to adjust,
enjoy the ride

– Mytika


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