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How do I stop having a short fuse?

When a person has a short fuse, they can go from being calm to lashing out angrily very quickly. The real problem in this situation is how quick this transition occurs. There is a time and a place for being angry but it is important to get to the root of why it occurs so fast.

There are many different experiences that can cause people to be triggered. For some people, it can be because they were bullied growing up. This can be in the form of other students in school but it can also be in the form of a parent that randomly hit them in the back of the head. Dealing with this kind of behavior can result in the person now having a habit of always being on the lookout for the next attack. This defensive stance has them constantly ready to intercept and possibly strike back. The problem with having this issue, other than a constant tension, is that our feelings dictate what we will experience in our reality. If someone is defensive, they are subconsciously manifesting others to attack. This is not punishment from the universe, it is simply providing a physical explanation for the person’s feelings.

If a person wants to stop having a short fuse, they need to first determine what was the root issue for them. Once that has been determined, they need to realize that they are no longer in that situation. It was a lesson that happened in the past for a reason, but it is now over. In the present, you create what the future will bring so it is important to let go of being defensive.

Next, one can realize that whenever they lose their calm, with a long or short fuse, the person that aggravated them won the energy exchange. All interactions are energy interactions. If one person has calm energy and meets another with the energy of anger, the two engage in a spiritual battle.

Outcome 1
If the person who started with calm energy walks away angry, they lost because they allowed the angry energy to attach itself to them. Most likely, the aggressor will now walk away feeling better because the angry energy left them and attached to the other person. In this case, the aggressor won and gets to walk away feeling calmer. The outcome is that the person who walked away angry lost one point, the aggressor gained one point, and the universe was left unchanged because both energies still exist in the same amount, even though they have been swapped.

Outcome 2
If the person who started with calm energy walks away calm and the aggressor walks away angry, the person with the calm energy won. The outcome is that the person with the calm energy gained one point for holding their calmness, the aggressor leaves unchanged and is now looking for someone else to dump their angry energy on, and the universe remains the same as both energies still exist in the same amounts.

Outcome 3
If the person with the calm energy walks away calm but also defuses the aggressor’s energy so they are calm as well, both walk away winners. The outcome is that the person with the calm energy gains one point for maintaining their space, the aggressor gains one point for no longer having angry energy, and the universe gains one point because it went from one person being calm to two people being calm while dissolving the amount of aggressive energy. This last approach is how an individual can consciously choose to make the world a better place.

If you are working on fixing your short fuse, try to increase the amount of time it takes for you to get angry. If you get angry within 10 seconds, consciously try to make it last 30 seconds. After that, try to make it last a minute. The longer it takes you to get angry, the less likely you will ever get angry. You can tell when you are getting angry because you can feel your blood start to boil. When you feel this starting, take a breath or go to the bathroom and throw some water on your face. Step away from the situation. Practice this and then practice it some more until you become an expert at defusing yourself.

If you are interested in learning how to defuse others, put yourself in the other person’s perspective and try to figure out why they are acting aggressively. Try to understand that, from their perspective, they are completely justified in their current behavior. Once you can understand where they are coming from, it is possible to talk them down.

Stop testing my patience,
you do it too well.
Aggression is rising,
peace rapidly fell.
The anger towards me,
like a bruise that swells.
Aimed solely at you,
by somebody else

Lets get to the bottom
of unsound attacks.
You ruffle my feathers,
in hopes I will react.
My peace is your burden,
you have no impact.
My will is an armor
that can not be cracked.

Attempting to offer
advice for your ears.
Let go of the trauma,
so your heart can clear.
Most likely exhausted,
from holding past fears.
Healing frightening wounds
brings joy to your years

– Mytika


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