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Feelings, Keys and Manifestation

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is spiritual energy that is expelled towards a creation in physical reality.

Manifestation is what allows you to create your own universe. You do it constantly on a subconscious level every moment of your life and it dictates what will happen to you next. It is possible to do it on a conscious level as well.

As your thoughts are processed, feelings are created, which combine to form spiritual energy. This spiritual energy is then released through vibrations into the universe. This leads to it materializing into your physical life.

For example, Aaron and Sophia have recently found out that they are expecting twins. Their sports car will no longer suit their needs so they decide to search for a vehicle that can safely transport their expanding family. After weeks of looking in different car lots they find it impossible to find a specific car that fits all of their requirements. Jokingly, one night they have pizza and exchange ideas for what their ideal car would be like if they could make any one that they wanted. The thoughts give them a feeling of excitement as they get creative with the features. The next day while watching television, they notice an advertisement for a car that is almost exactly the one they had just talked about. Though Aaron and Sophia may see this as a coincidence, the vehicle was brought into their reality through manifestation.

The illustration below shows the steps that occur during a manifestation.

1. Character has a concrete thought.

2. True Self confirms it through a feeling.

3. Spiritual energy is created through the combination of thought and feeling.

4. Spiritual energy sends vibrations to the universe.

5. Manifestation materializes.

manifesting can be easy
if you realize
all of your dreams

when unhappy
make a switch
use imagination
form a wish

all desires will
come true
once you see life
was made by you

– Mytika

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