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Ego and The Physical

Do eyes and physical features have a meaning?

Everybody has a physical body that is custom made for the life they are going to live. Before a person is born, they get to choose the physical features that will be necessary for them. Everybody has the same ability to choose from all the possible features prior to birth.

For example, Carlos was born in Cuba. He has curly / wavy hair which thrives on the moisture from the saltwater in the air. His skin color is brown in order to resist the amount of sun he will be exposed to. If Carlos was predetermined to live in New Jersey at some point, his skin color might have been a much lighter shade of brown in order to handle the elements for that part of his life. If he was going to live in a place closer to the equator, his skin may have been a darker shade of brown. His eyes are honey brown in order to attract his future spouse, who will develop a fetish for men with honey brown eyes prior to meeting Carlos.

Souls typically select the physical features that enable a harmony with the elements that will exist in the person’s life. However, some features are chosen in order to differentiate the person or for teaching the person lessons requiring those features. If a person judged rough skin in a previous life, they may need to have rough skin in their next life in order to learn acceptance and satisfy the guilt they carried forward for their judgment.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so observant people can tell what a person is truly feeling by examining their eyes. This has nothing to do with the size or color though. It’s worth noting that the best enemies and lesson givers know how to camouflage their eyes in order to portray what they want you to think they are feeling by temporarily changing their mood. The ones who are not as good at being deceitful often cover their eyes with sunglasses to make their intentions harder to read.

You are exactly who you need to be with the physical features you wanted / needed for your life. The grass is often greener on the other side so people tend to want the features they do not have. Learning to accept the physical features that your soul chose, while not seeing life as unfair, is the quickest way to acquire the key to pass this lesson.

We all look quite different,
making us all unique.
gives us each a mystique.

Revealed light in our eyes,
leaves us no place to hide.
soul is carried inside.

– Mytika

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