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Ego and The Physical

Why do people get sick?

People always get sick for a purpose but there are many possibilities to what that purpose could be depending on the specific situation.

Here are a few common reasons:

  • Forced Break – For some people, being sick is the only way to get them to stop normal life and reflect within themselves. Life can feel like being a hamster on a wheel with all the responsibilities that someone can have. Sickness can force a person to stop while allowing them to feel that the “stop” could not be prevented.
  • Letting Go of Control – Some people are control freaks and sickness can help them to temporarily let go of control. When someone gets sick, there is usually a loss of control, as the sickness requires a break from the normal and its end is not accurately predictable.
  • Purification – Some people grab a lot of “ugly” energy from others or from life in general. This energy may need to be let out and that usually happens through the physical in the form of physical pain or physical anguish. After it’s been released, the person has been purified.
  • Leaving – For some, sickness is a reason as to why they are going to leave the physical plane through death. These people tend to prefer sickness as the reason because they may find it preferable to a violent end or perhaps they would choose to have the time to say their goodbyes.
  • Pity – Some people like being sick because they like seeing others feel bad for them. There’s nothing wrong with this. People are built differently and this is a preference for some.
  • Hero – For some people, sickness is their purpose. It gives them the opportunity to learn about the disease, beat the disease, and try to find the cure for others or start a charity to bring awareness to the disease.

Like everything else in life, sickness has a specific purpose every time. For some, it’s a lesson. Regardless of the specific purpose, sickness is always a gateway to some form of life change.

It is said that in life,
things appear for a reason.
A tough journey in time,
disappears with the seasons.

While roaming in space,
flowing through any trial,
blinded by our own fears
and a sense of denial.

See that hope is still here,
never left… it is reaching.
Take a look out ahead,
there are lessons it’s teaching.

Just inhale a deep breath,
and let go like the breeze.
Throw control in the air,
and hug hope, let it be.

– Mytika

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