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Can someone be swayed into extreme?

Someone can be swayed into an extreme without consciously realizing it.

People try to convince one another that they are living life on the right path. On a subconscious level, they know that if enough people believe this, they will focus their energy towards that perception. This combined energy increases the odds of the perception manifesting.

The person doing the convincing might see their views and lifestyle as normal. For the person being convinced, it could be extreme, and therefore unsuitable. If convinced, this person will take on extreme energy and perhaps try to impose it on others.

Do you want to know my truth? or

Are you searching for yours when I speak?

Are you okay with my view? or

Should I see what you see?

My life is not the same as yours.

My world is unique

Distinct for sure

Our respective minds

are not combined

Since you have yours

while I have mine

– Mytika

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