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How can diligent energy become extreme?

A diligent person sees work as a normal part of life. They are on top of their work life and make sure to go in daily and do their job. In their time off, they tend to be engrossed in hobbies. Other days, they may be doing work around the house such as building a shed or expanding a room. They know work and derive comfort from being engrossed in it. They like to build things regardless of whether it is with their mind or their hands.

Being diligent is a balanced blue ray of light energy. As light fades into dark, it becomes extreme and in this case becomes greed at one extreme and lazy on the other.

Greedy people have a hard time stopping when it comes to work. They become obsessive with numbers and gauge their success based on them. They may be at their limit, working on five projects simultaneously, but will still add on more projects. Their social life is often mixed with coworkers and their conversations tend to involve increasing work performance. Greedy people are workaholics who may sacrifice partnerships or friendships for their goal of increasing their numbers.

In the lighter extremes, they can be the person who takes advantage of the people who work for them. They may pay their workers less than they deserve or try to get them to work for free. They are known to find ways to increase their profit, on an already profitable business, by cutting worker benefits.

In the darker extremes, they can be a wealthy person that swindles their business partner for the satisfaction of knowing they can. They can hurt a lot of people’s livelihoods merely to obsessively show that they have more and more.

Lazy people are insecure and try to run away from work. In their home life, they would rather leave chores for a later date because they dislike it to that degree. They have a big issue with doing anything when people tell them that they “have to” do something.

In the lighter extremes, they can be the person who knows something is good for them but still will not do it. They often make excuses and blame their behavior on various factors such as the weather, the traffic, the stock market, or even international politics. They can convince themselves that they have a sickness if it will get them out of doing work. They tend to have large ideas but get frustrated that others will not turn their ideas into reality for them.

In the darker extremes, they can be the person who does nothing for themself but just expects others to do everything for them. If nobody does their work for them, they may just completely give up on life.

Wake up early,
outside sky blue.
Zoom through traffic
to start work soon.

Twelve o’clock now,
lunch sky bright blue.
Eat at my desk
but hardly chew.

Rush hour traffic,
sky is royal blue.
Mental duties,
my defined truth

Nighttime moonshine
on dark sky hues.
Fulfilling days,
love what I do.

– Mytika


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