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What if I don’t belong in this world?

People sometimes say that they feel like they belong in another world. It is important for them to realize that the world, that they are perceiving, is being projected by them. Everything is a reflection of each individual’s inner workings. All of the experiences that a person goes through has lead them to be who they are today. This has then built the world to be how they perceive it to be. It is up to the individual to change that perception if they choose to. Saying that one does not belong on this planet is the same as saying that one does not belong within themself.

If you are feeling this way, you should know that you are not on the wrong planet. Everybody is exactly where they are supposed to be. If you were not supposed to be here, you would not be alive in this world. If there was some place that was better suited to you, you would be experiencing that instead. Your universe always changes to match your inner workings. If you know that all people are nice to each other, you will experience a world where all people are nice to each other. If you know that people are only out for themselves, you will experience that.

People influence each other by convincing each other that the world is the way that they individually see it. If you listen to them and make it your belief, then your world will change to match. Sometimes, this can be a positive thing but other times this can be negative.

For example, Jasper and Samantha are a couple who have taken the step of moving in with each other. Jasper was raised in a family that taught him that hard work is what should be respected. His parents were in tough situations but worked hard and achieved success. Samantha was raised in a family that taught her that the universe always provides. Her parents went through rough times but something always came along at the right time to help them when they needed it. When Jasper and Samantha got together, they shared their views with each other. If Samantha accepts Jasper’s view that hard work is necessary to make it, then she will need to work hard. This may or may not be her happy and could lead her to feel that the world has changed on her. If Jasper accepts Samantha’s view that people’s needs are just provided for, he may feel that he doesn’t understand the world anymore since hard work is not required.

There is no limit to how much you can change your world. You can experience Heaven on Earth, but this is only possible if you fully accept your role in the creation of your world. Yes there are things about the world that you might see as negative, but you also have to take responsibility for all the things that are positive as well. If you see something as negative, look inward and try to discover why it exists in your world. If the world appears unfair, then you see the world as unfair. If the world seems judgmental, then you believe that people judge each other. Start looking at reasons why your ideal world is possible instead of focusing on why it’s not. It’s up to you to change your perception and in turn change your world into what you would like it to be.

The world I see
is not for me,
judgmental waves
from which I flee.

I wish for ways
to find escapes,
entrapping tape
keeps me at bay.

I long for peace
with what is real,
a new world shown
by how I feel.

Maybe this wish
will soon concede,
allowing fate
to set me free.

– Mytika


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