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Earth and Flickering Energy

What is nature?

Nature displays the emotional state of Earth.

Earth expresses its emotions through nature. When leaves on trees are vibrant and flowers are blooming, Earth is expressing a positive state.

When Earth is discontent due to a lack of nurturing, natural disasters are likely. This is not done as a form of punishment to Earth’s occupants, but rather as a form of self-regulation based on the needs of a specific land.

Cold breeze whispers in my face
winter comes to take it’s place
As snow shortly hits the ground
kids start jumping up and down

Flowers sprout and promptly bloom
Smell as they release perfumes
Spring appears and hits the air
showing us how nature cares

Rainbows follow when it rains
stealing sorrows, easing pains
Come anticipate the fun
as we bask in summer sun

Fall leaves die as they run dry
autumn colors soon arrive
Cool wind shadows reappear
old snags leave and disappear

– Mytika

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