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Earth and Flickering Energy

What helps balance flickering energy?

True Self recognition exercises help balance flickering energy.

There are may different ways to do True Self recognition exercises depending on which feels natural for you. When doing these exercises, you might find that you enter into a different state of consciousness. This creates a temporary disassociation with your character that brings you closer to your True Self.

Here are some examples of True Self recognition exercises:

Different breathing techniques allow people to connect with True Self. One technique is to inhale through your mouth until your lungs are filled to their highest capacity. After reaching that capacity, without exhaling, try to inhale a little more. You can then exhale quickly through the nose, while expanding the last exhale. After repeating this a couple times, your body may start to feel lighter.

The repetitious nature of chanting creates a vibration feeling. These vibrations are felt throughout the body, allowing sounds to liberate the mind.

Meditation involves resting the body in a position of pure relaxation. It is a conscious effort to arrange a connection between character and True Self. In order to do this, you can try to reach a dream state while retaining consciousness. Some people can do this lying down but others may find it difficult to stay awake unless they are sitting upright.

Stretching is a type of connection between True Self and your physical body. True Self uses fused energy to place vibrations on the body. While stretching, you can feel the fused energy through jitters created by the push/pull force.

Flickering energy brings an uneasy feeling. Feelings and thoughts are the creators of our reality. By balancing flickering energy we can create stability in our life. This stability can serve as a ground level point that leads to manifesting our happiness.

– Mytika

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