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How can I spread positive energy?

People seem to feel that the world is currently at an overall negative state. There is a need for more positive energy right now in order to achieve a balanced state.

If you want to spread positivity, then you cannot focus on negativity. Every moment spent focused on the negative is a battle where negative energy is winning over positive energy.

If you see someone that is upset, you can attempt to help them diffuse the negative energy that they are carrying. One approach would be to try pointing out the good that can eventually come of the situation that they are facing. This can help them diffuse the negative energy. If they get defensive or you find yourself becoming negative, it would be a good idea to slowly back out of the conversation. At least you tried to bring them to a positive place. Do not force your opinion on them because if you are forceful, their Ego could lash out at you in an effort to defend their stance. If they are receptive, then you can elaborate and show them love by painting a positive outlook / future.

For example, Gregory goes to his friend Paul’s house to hang out. When he gets there, Paul seems upset and the air feels thick. Paul tells Gregory that he’s really angry that he just got fired and his blood is boiling. Paul wants to go back to the office and destroy their equipment for revenge. Gregory decides to speak up and calmly tells Paul that he understands how he feels. This immediately lowers Paul’s Ego defenses because he feels understood. Gregory then asks Paul if it would be worth risking jail over. Paul thinks about it and tells Gregory that it wouldn’t be. Gregory tells Paul that his employer didn’t value him so he’s better off working at some other place where they do see his worth. Paul agrees. Gregory asks Paul what his ideal place to work would be and Paul smiles as he begins to describe his dream work environment. Gregory listens to Paul and knows that he just helped him diffuse his negative energy by helping him switch to a positive outlook. Paul is now at a good place where he could manifest a positive work environment for his future.

The example above started with one person being positive and the other negative, but it ended with both being positive. It is important to remember that positive energy is infinite. It keeps coming and you can never run out of it. The more you help people diffuse their negative energy, the more positively charged you will feel. It feels good when you turn a negative mindset into a positive one. Anyone who has ever done this knows the feeling you get afterwards and it can be quite exhilarating. That feeling is a great reward in and of itself.

Simmering water boils over the pot,
meets a wooden spoon

then comes to a stop.

An ember is born and takes a full breath,
with one stomp now gone

prevents future death.

A dog takes a stance and barks with no leash,
soothed by your kindness

as trust you now teach.

A fast moving car running without brakes,
now lowers the gears

with no risk at stake.

A fury within can make life a chore,
remove and let light

emit from your pores.

– Mytika


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