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Are we born with limits or do we pick them up along the way?

When a soul is born into the physical, it has all of its memories. As the person grows, they pickup Ego and the previous memories quickly fade away. It is the same with limits. A baby has less restraints than an adult because people pickup restrictions as they live. As for mental restraints, a person’s mind is limitless but life influences people to create limits for themselves. It is up to them to remove those blocks if they want to expand their mind.

Regarding physical limits, people are born with those. To go past those restrictions, they cannot do it physically so they would have to do so mentally / spiritually.

For example, Gina wants to change her eye color. This is a physical feature that many would argue cannot be changed. To accomplish this, Gina first realizes that spiritual feelings create her physical world. She imagines herself as having a different eye color. As she focuses on this, and visualizes how she wants her eyes to look, she feels a tingling feeling around her eyes. When she looks in the mirror, she sees the eye color that she imagined. Gina has allowed her soul to lead and her physical followed.

no right or wrong
nor wrong and right
my will is strong
so is my fight

I raise both arms
prepare to fly
afraid of harm
they end my try

one step I take
they bring me back
visions are fake
I fill with lack

break from this mold
so I can be
release the hold
they had on me

– Mytika


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