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How do I find my happiness?

You can find your happiness by getting to know yourself.

The first step is to set some time aside and try to erase everything that you have learned from other people. This may include things like the age you are supposed to be married at or how many kids you are supposed to have or what defines success. Try to take all of that away for the moment.

Then, try to see what parts of life make you smile the most. What do you feel the most passion towards? Where are you your best self?

If you are your best self in a partying atmosphere, then become an entertainer or find a job that allows you to be around that environment. Enjoy yourself!

If you are passionate about fishing, try being a fisherman.

Wherever you determine that you are happiest at, make that a major part of your life. If you are passionate about something, you will be successful with it.

However you feel about something is the energy that you give to the universe which will then manifest back into your physical life. If you want happiness, then do what makes you feel happy and the universe will give you a physical explanation for it.

People who have given you advice on how your life should be likely had good intentions. They probably wanted to share what they have learned would make them happy or what was taught to them. Ultimately, you are the one who has to live your life and be accountable for your actions and carry your regrets.

Happiness is undefined
Aim for a joy, felt deep inside
Precious gain, all strive to find
Perfect bliss, one of a kind
I stand amazed, as glee aligns
No longer scared, have peace of mind
Emotions clear, tears drop behind
Surprised to see, no longer blind
Sun light within, released to shine

Brightens the world, erasing lines

– Mytika


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