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What are reflections?

Reflections occur when a character sees their own personal attributes in others. This lesson occurs so that people have an opportunity to consciously see what is hidden within themselves.

The character often finds it difficult to notice that the flaws they strongly dislike in others, are ones that their own character carries. This causes many to judge others instead of recognizing their own issues.

For example, after breaking up with her boyfriend, Angela spends a lot of time shopping. She loves going from store to store and finding her perfect outfits. One day, while out shopping, Angela spots Karisma, a girl she used to go to high school with. While catching up, Karisma confides in Angela that she’s been feeling heartbroken since her brother left the country. Later that evening Angela calls her mom on the phone and tells her that she ran into Karisma. She explains to her mom that Karisma is obviously shopping as a way to compensate for her sad life. Unfortunately, Angela completely misses that Karisma was reflecting for her and instead decides to judge her.

In order to dissolve a reflection, a person must face and accept the issue being reflected to them.

Living mirror to my soul
let me take you for a stroll
blind my eyes so I can see
reflect a light that sets me free
shadowed judgments left behind
masked true self hides deep inside.

– Mytika

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