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Could lessons become extreme?

Whenever a lesson has a negative outcome, it is considered extreme since the intention of any lesson is a positive outcome. Lessons become extreme when problems are given excess energy. This diminishes the available energy that can be used for solutions.

For example, Luna hears on the news that there is a virus that’s been spreading all over the world. She’s concerned but doesn’t give it too much attention. Later that evening, she gets a call from her parents who want to talk to her about their fears over the virus. The next day, Luna’s friends call her and talk about how they know someone who has gotten the virus. As the days pass, Luna’s fears grow more and more. Eventually, they become all encompassing and she begins to lose hope for the future. One day Luna looks inwards and realizes that she’s giving too much energy to her fears. She decides to stop looking at the negative information on the virus and instead focus on other positive aspects of her life. Luna’s passionate about saving the environment so she begins to read about the ways that the state of the planet has improved. She goes hiking with her boyfriend and takes time to appreciate nature. This new focus distracts her mind from giving attention to fears which allow them to diminish. Her hope begins to return. One morning, she opens the news to hear that the virus is gone.

When a person consistently overcomes a lesson, the frequency of the lesson diminishes substantially. When a lesson has been completely diminished, the resulting positive outcome is a blessing.

While facing lessons, one of the biggest obstacles I have faced is isolating the situation. Historically, I have jumbled all of the unfavorable events in my life into a big and overwhelming pile in my mind. This has not only left me confused but has made it very difficult to resolve and move forward. In overcoming this, I now know that reacting this way was a lesson in itself. I have since learned to compartmentalize the problem, then search for a solution.

– Mytika

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