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Can True Self be negative?

Your True Self is neutral and balanced.

It’s important to understand that people and society have different barometers for what defines the terms “positive” and “negative”. The reason is that most things have a positive or a negative effect depending on the person, the situation, and the surrounding circumstances. All of these come together to affect perception.

For example, Claire is at an amusement park with her best friend Jacqueline. While walking through a crowd of people, they get separated. Claire has a fear of being by herself since she was a child and got lost while chasing an ice cream truck. When Claire finally spots Jacqueline, she runs over to her talking in a panic. Jacqueline tells her that she should relax and catch her breath. Claire has the ability to take this as positive advice from a good friend. Alternatively, she can choose to be upset with Jacqueline for minimizing the situation.

When your True Self expresses itself, you can’t control the perception of others. However, since it means no harm to anyone, you can rest assured that you will always have a good reason for your comments or actions.

When thinking of the idea of a negative True Self, I can only imagine people that are seen as “monsters” in the eyes of society. I have often wondered how people who purposely hurt others deal with their conscious. I find that these types of personalities are likely to ignore or even go against their True Self. This could be why they live with so much inner turmoil and choose to strike out at others. Some of these perpetrators may have been victims that actually lost their connections with their True Self after experiencing traumatic events.

– Mytika

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