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Perceptions, Distractions and Symbols

What are perceptions?

Perceptions are opinion-based realities. People feel that they all live in the same reality but the truth is that realities are individual and affected by your perceptions.

Your perceptions are formed from your experiences and can be affected by factors such as culture, social influences, emotional state, opinions of others, etc…

To further complicate perceptions, these factors can also come from previous lifetimes. They are never-ending loops that build on each other.

For example, Ayano is a pharmaceutical sales rep whose main region is in the United States. While traveling and meeting with doctors, she starts to notice that people with hazel eyes seem to get into deeper conversations with her. This perception becomes her reality and she begins to expect anyone with this physical feature to be an interesting conversationalist. One day, Ayano goes for a jog and another jogger runs up beside her. He starts trying to ask her out but she’s not interested. He doesn’t seem to get the hint and keeps jogging with her while talking. Eventually, Ayano gets annoyed so she stops jogging, looks at him directly in his hazel eyes, and tells him to leave her alone. Ayano’s perception is now changed. She may now find people with hazel eyes to be interesting conversationalists that are annoyingly persistent. Her reality going forward will reflect that to her.

Perceptions are more
than what is seen with your eyes
They follow your mind
and what you want to hide
Look deep in yourself
do not be deceived
In swaying your views
by what others believe

– Mytika

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