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Earth and Flickering Energy

What keeps flickering energy unbalanced?

Fear keeps flickering energy unbalanced.

Solely relying on logic, dark energy fears being guided by light energy. This fear blocks light energy from pulling dark energy towards balance. The same is true for light energy which resists being pushed into balance by dark energy.

The inability to feel makes it difficult for dark energy to let go. Letting go is essential for being pulled by light energy.

For example, three sailors find themselves in dire straits when their fishing boat gets capsized during an unexpected storm. A coast guard helicopter is quickly dispatched to assist them. The helicopter begins hovering over the boat and lowers a line so that the sailors can use the strop under their arms to then be pulled up to safety one at a time. The first two sailors make it aboard the helicopter with no problem. The third sailor Brendan, who is the captain of the boat, has always been afraid to fly due to a control issue that makes him feel unsafe unless he’s the one steering. That fear consumes him and he finds himself trapped between the rough sees below him and the line that he’s scared of attaching to. As soon as he lets go of control, the helicopter can whisk him away to safety.

In search of balance
So hard to let go
Let go of control
yet fear the unknown
Slip till I fall up
lifted off the ground
Levitate my being
while feeling so sound

– Mytika

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